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Learn unique and incredibly valuable methods of working with deep tissue, fascia and pain syndrome.

What is Myofascial Energetic Release (MER)?

MER is a deep and sensitive touch and a holistic method of healing pain. Satyarthi Peloquin teaches the understanding between body emotions and mind. Thanks to MER one can understand where the majority of pain syndromes come from and learn how to effectively heal them.

The goal of the Myofascial Energetic Release is bringing relief to the body in the case of acute pain, such as chronic pain of various type and restores full functionality to the body, so that a given person could lead a fully active life.

Improvement in the quality of life we pursue can come in the form of immediate relief from discomfort, pain and emotional disorders or in the form of long-term changes in the structural and functional integration, emotional liberation, psychological and behavioural changes as well as quieting the mind in meditation. MER, Myofascial Energetic Release, is is much more than manual techniques. This is an organic, holistic system that continues to evolve and you can add a number of techniques to it to preserve the basic character.

MER includes techniques:

  • deep tissue massage
  • supported stretches
  • craniosacral therapy
  • energy bodywork
  • releasing joints
  • healing trauma

The MER method restores flexibility and vitality of the soft tissues, structural integration of the body and physical fitness, deepens awareness of feelings and bodily sensations, terminates pain and helps people restore structural, functional and emotional health. MER has to be suited to individual needs, specific ailments, general physical and the mental and emotional state of a given person. In this holistic approach we take care of the human being holistically, taking many factors into consideration. It is the client who leads the process from beginning till end. The therapist merely accompanies him or her.

Participation in the MER training is a deeply transformative experience. On the training course you learn how to help people with different types of chronic pain and other ailments, among other things back pain, heel bursitis (plantar fascia inflammation), tempomandibular joint disorder, migraines, neck pain, arm pain, hip and pelvis pain, headache (in this migraines), fibromyalgia, depression etc.

The MER's Three Underlying Principles::

  • 01 The body is imbalanced because of an excess of fascia tension, wrong habits related to body posture and psychological bracing patterns.
  • 02 The body is not “a solid body”. It is flexible, malleable, fluid, stretchy, eager to learn many new ways of relaxing, agility and aliveness. It undergoes constant changes, and because it consists of 70-80% of water, all the time we experience its movement and flow.
  • 03 The Body is a place of transformation.


Thanks to MER training you deepen your knowledge, develop your skills and gain self-confidence and practice to be able to effectively work with your clients and achieve great results.

You will learn:

  • structural, functional and emotional body reading
  • supported stretches (technique from Ayurvedic Yogic Massage, increasing the flexibility and scope of movement)
  • removing the causes of pain – effective relaxation of contracted body tissue with the help of deep body massage and educating the client about their condition
  • work with five body types/personality types according to Wilhelm Reich
  • healing trauma through conscious awareness of inner bodily sensations (felt sense) and activating the body's natural capacity to self-regulate and release trauma
  • releasing joints
  • structural intervention aimed at harmonising the body structure
  • releasing blockages (blocked energy in the form of the hardened, contracted tissue in the layers of the body) with the help of skilled, sensitive touch
  • relaxing movement and presenting clients new patterns of movement – more harmonised and coordinated

You will find out:

  • how to release the chronic contraction of your muscles through deep and sensitive and compassionate touch
  • how to ensure your client a full program of individual exercises and practices which will eliminate pain
  • how to work with painful places to give the tissue time for relaxation and hydration
  • how to use palpation as an important tool to diagnose and evaluate
  • how to activate natural mechanisms of self-regulation and self-healing in the body through “unwinding” and trauma release (during the bodywork the client becomes aware of the dysfunctional patterns that contributed to their condition)
  • thanks to understanding the reasons of the painful contraction of muscles, the client becomes aware of suppressed emotions, anxiety and dysfunctional habits that led to the symptoms.

You will get to know:

  • the art and theory of deep bodywork
  • Trigger Point Therapy releasing pain
  • breath work techniques
  • the power of daily meditation – dynamic meditation and meditation while giving and receiving message

For Whom?

During the MER training we focus on deep bodywork as a healing art.

The training is for people who:



  • want to work with others in a deep and effective therapeutic method throughout the body
  • want to get to know the causes of pain and ways, thanks to this knowledge, that you can help others live without it

The main cause of pain and tension in the body is excessive contraction of several types of soft tissue: muscles, fascia, skin, ligaments and nerves. Such chronic tension blocks the blood, oxygen and energy of these sensitive tissues. They become contracted, stiff and dried out. Contracted tissue presses on pain receptors (nocireptors) and triggers 90% of pain ailments, immobilised and desensitising the body and impairing the client’s movements, and thus disrupting their lifestyle.


Chronic pain is the plague of our civilisation. Because of this, demand for specialists capable of understanding and conceptualising it deeply and working with the body’s sensitivity is very high.

Structure of training

The complete MER training course consists of 6 modules which create a space that supports learning, empathy, presence and acceptance. In this environment participants can safely get to know new areas, experience the healing power of massage, gain knowledge and learn the art of holistic myofascial relaxation.

Training is a deep journey focused on the art of effective work with fascia as well as understanding and practicing holistic work with body, mind and feelings as an organic wholeness. You can join the course at any moment, starting at any module. After each module the participants receive certificates from the Integral Body Institute.

Get to know the teacher of MER

Zdjęcie trenera treningu MER - Satyarthi Peloquin

Satyarthi Peloquin