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Baner główny strony treningów

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  • Zdjęcie w tle treningu BBTRS
    Zdjęcie główne treningu BBTRS
    Release trauma - breathwork

    Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release

    Do you want:

    • to experience personal healing and transformation?
    • to create a deep and permanent change in your life?
    • to experience a close connection between yourself and others?
    • to learn the art of deep experience of the body?
    • to understand what trauma is?
    • to understand effects trauma causes in the human body?
    • to release chronic tension?

    Perhaps you want:

    • to gain professional skills in working with breath and body to release trauma and to acquire a new profession?
    • to deepen your understanding of trauma and obtain new professional skills in releasing your body?
    • to learn to support others in their transformation and heal with the help of a deep, holistic method?
  • Zdjęcie w tle treningu MER
    Zdjęcie główne treningu MER
    Release pain - bodywork


    Do you want:

    • to comprehend the source of most pain syndromes and how to treat them?
    • to learn about holistic pain treatment?
    • to get to know the art and theory of deep bodywork?
    • to learn to release blockages with the help of sensitive touch?
    • to learn to use palpation as an important tool to diagnose and evaluation?
    • to learn how to help people with various types of chronic pain and other ailments?
    • to deepen your knowledge, develop skills and gain the confidence and experience to help your clients effectively and achieve great results?
  • Zdjęcie w tle treningu QiGong
    Zdjęcie główne treningu QiGong
    Vitality and Life Force

    Life-Force Dynamics Qigong

    Do you want:

    • to transform your life into a rich and full one?
    • to integrate your Body/Mind/Qi/Emotion/Spirit to understand your own life energy?
    • to connect to nature and learn to draw energy from it?
    • to release toxic energy accumulated in fascia and organs?
    • to learn to regenerate your daily energy use?
    • to strengthen your immunity?
    • to release “the residue of tension” from the body?
    • to strengthen all areas of your life?
    • to release deeply-seated trauma and end old patterns?
  • Zdjęcie w tle treningu Lomi Lomi Nui
    Zdjęcie główne treningu Lomi Lomi Nui
    Massage and Relaxation


    Do you want:

    • to learn the massage technique which comes from the temple tradition of Hawaii?
    • to open yourself to giving and receiving touch?
    • to deepen your understanding and experience support on the way of transformation through bodywork?
    • to experience new levels of integration and flexibility in your body to reduce stress?
    • to gain self-acceptance and increase self-awareness?
    • to release blocked and suppressed emotions?
    • to gain joy of life?
    • to acquire a solid base for bodywork?