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Module “CENTERING”: release & balance the pelvis, core integration


The pelvis is the main foundation of one’s structural integration. Your leverage. Your support. The pelvis connects legs and spine, creating “the foundation” for the architecture of the human body and human feelings.

This is also a place where many traumas are held both in women and men. More than 20 deep muscles which surround the pelvis create a sort of “fan” and are responsible for the shape of our posture and it is there that our unexpressed feelings are stored. During this module we will work with sensitivity and skill with this very delicate area.

The training is supposed to serve as an exploration of breathing in the pelvis, it will deepen our capacity to feel our own bodies and clients’ bodies when working with them.

The myofascial dialogue can connect and dissolve some unconscious limitations and mental blockages. We will also present some very advanced forms of treatment and techniques of movement supporting the process.

You will learn:

  • evaluating and diagnosing irregularities in the pelvic balance, pelvic curvatures
  • ways of releasing tissues and correcting the position of the pelvis
  • advanced movements and techniques of reaching deep integration
  • recognising, palpation and healing deep myofascial and bone structures within: gluteus maximus, medius and minimus, six deep rotators, adductor and abductor groups and illiopsoas
  • creating a healing plan to release somato-emotional blockages and restoring balance in the connection between the pelvis and the heart
  • releasing the muscles of the pelvic floor and its integration
  • diagnosing and healing pain of the sacrum and diagnosing healing pain of the sacrum, pelvis and lumbar area
  • understanding the balance between pelvis and the upper part of the body

We will focus on:

  • the “natural” position of the pelvis and on finding support for it
  • pelvic joints and their impact on posture, breathing and birthing
  • the role of muscles in the pelvic floor and belly muscles in breathing
  • the system of pressure and adhesions in the pelvis and in viscera
  • the role of the “lumbar-hip” complex in breathing, engaging the whole body
  • breathing, which is movement of the whole body and can integrate structural and physiological reactions in our whole organism

You will understand:

  • how unsolved emotional problems and mental concepts create patterns of disturbances in the balance between the pelvis and the heart

  • After completing the module you will be able to execute the whole MER session devoted to the pelvic area. You will know how to diagnose and correct structural disturbances caused by inappropriate positioning of the pelvis. You will be able to effectively help the patient with lumbar, pelvic and abdomen pain caused by excessive tensing of the myofascial tissues.


Start Date: December 8, 2025, godzina 19:00
Finish Date: December 14, 2025, godzina 15:00

First day – Opening ceremony and Dinner at 19:00 – 22.00
Morning Meditation 8:00 – 9.00
Breakfast 9:00. – 10:00
Morning Session 10:00 – 13:00
Lunch 13:00 – 14.30
Afternoon Session 14.30 – 18.00
Dinner 18.00-19.30
Night sessions 19.30- 21.30 there will be 3 night sessions during each seminar
Last day – morning session. Closing ceremony & graduation 13.00-14.30pm

Kików 91a, Solec Zdrój, 28-131, Poland (2h drive North from Cracow Airport or 4h drive South from Warsaw Airport)
Our MER Training venue in Kikow, Poland is located 2 hours’ drive from Krakow in the heart of the beautiful Polish countryside, with stunning sunset views from our group room at all times of the year. Accommodation is shared between 2-5 persons per room, each with their own bathroom; a dorm option with shared bathrooms is also available. We enjoy 3 healthy home-made vegetarian meals per day, plenty of fruits, cakes and tea/coffee all day.

Total Price Accommodation & Food (3 vegetarian meals daily):

  • 360 EUR – twin bedroom
  • 345 EUR – 3 or 5 person bedroom
  • 330 EUR – in dormitory with a bathroom in the corridor

The cost of accommodation may change slightly depending on the PLN/EUR exchange rate.

  • Date:

    08 December - 14 December 2025

  • Location:


  • Price:

    950 EUR (new price)

    Non-refundable deposit: 200 EUR


  • Teacher :

    Satyarthi Peloquin