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Module „GROUNDING” feet, legs and hips


Although one in ten people at some moment of their life will suffer with inflammation of plantar fascia, complete massage work with feet and the back of the legs can bring some unusual results, and relief to suffering clients. This module teaches techniques of healing the lower parts of the body in the process of deep bodywork, through mobilising joints, applying supported stretching and relaxation. It also includes precise massage work in the knee and pelvis joints, busting myths about arthritic knees or pelvis.

At the advanced level, we focus on the back line of the legs at the beginning of the work, and then broaden the work towards pelvis, knees, feet, and whole legs. The Module devoted to feet, legs and pelvis, consisting of daily meditations, a theoretical introduction, demonstrations and active exchange in the sessions of bodywork with partner, is learning by experiencing body mechanics with fascia and joints. During the training there will be time for questions and answers and discussion of cases that participants have encountered in their practice.

You will learn:

  • working with all the segments of the upper part of the legs, starting with hamstrings, adductors and abductors and ending with quadriceps
  • relaxing gluteus maximus, medius and minimus, tensor facia later and hip rotators
  • releasing pain and restoring the natural movements of feet, legs and hips
  • evaluation of feet, knees and hip ailments, in this body posture diagnosis, palpation and mobility test
  • mobilising joints in feet, ankle, knee and hips
  • supporting stretching of feet, legs and hips
  • deep bodywork and sensitive “listening” with hands, looking for relaxation in the body
  • structural balancing of legs and feet
  • stretching fascia of legs and hips

You will find out:

  • about the role of the anterior tibial is in bending feet at the level of the ankle
  • about the psychology of pain in the knees, hips and feet
  • how to work with extremely effective methods of somatic dialogue

You will get to know:

  • techniques of diagnosing the body posture, in this “tracking” – the method of auto-correction relying on the proper positioning of feet and legs
  • different tools for working with inflammation of the plantar fascia
  • myofascial anatomy of the upper parts of the body, anatomy and physiology of the whole fascia

You will understand:

  • how important is releasing and balancing a clients’ breath
  • why the pelvis is the centre of balance and trust


Participants who complete the module devoted to lower parts of the body will enter a higher level of abilities and sensitivity in removing distressing chronic pain and structural dysfunction in feet, knees and hips. By diagnosing body posture, participants will learn to interpret distortions of structural balance and will learn to apply relevant techniques to create sessions integrating lower parts of the body with the pelvis and spine. Thanks to this process of learning, course participants will support felt sense, the client’s grounding and their energetic connection with the ground through feet and legs.


Start Date: June 28, 2025 at 7pm
Finish Date: July 4, 2025 at 3pm

First day – Opening ceremony and Dinner at 19:00 – 22.00
Morning Meditation 8:00 – 9.00
Breakfast 9:00. – 10:00
Morning Session 10:00 – 13:00
Lunch 13:00 – 14.30
Afternoon Session 14.30 – 18.00
Dinner 18.00-19.30
Night sessions 19.30- 21.30 there will be 3 night sessions during each seminar
Last day – morning session. Closing ceremony & graduation 13.00-14.30pm

Kików 91a, Solec Zdrój, 28-131, Poland (2h drive North from Cracow Airport or 4h drive South from Warsaw Airport)
Our MER Training venue in Kikow, Poland is located 2 hours’ drive from Krakow in the heart of the beautiful Polish countryside, with stunning sunset views from our group room at all times of the year. Accommodation is shared between 2-5 persons per room, each with their own bathroom; a dorm option with shared bathrooms is also available. We enjoy 3 healthy home-made vegetarian meals per day, plenty of fruits, cakes and tea/coffee all day.

Total Price Accommodation & Food (3 vegetarian meals daily):

  • 360 EUR – twin bedroom
  • 345 EUR – 3 or 5 person bedroom
  • 330 EUR – in dormitory with a bathroom in the corridor

The cost of accommodation may change slightly depending on the PLN/EUR exchange rate.

  • Date:

    28 June - 04 July 2025

  • Location:


  • Price:

    950 EUR (new price)

    Non-refundable deposit: 200 EUR


  • Teacher :

    Satyarthi Peloquin