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Life Force Dynamics Qigong Complete Training System (LFD)

Find a deep understanding of yourself, peace of mind and integration thanks to Qigong. Revitalise your life force.


Life Force Dynamic Qigongs is a dynamic life transforming system of bioenergetic practices. It was created as a result of many years of studies by Simon Calder.

It is designed to open, regulate and release the body and the bioenergetic system of meridians and organs and tensions located there, deep traumas, stress ailments and illnesses. It aims at restoring the right structure of the core of the body, strengthen bones, fascia and muscles and provide integrated knowledge about our life force.
The system also includes graceful and fluid Qigong positions, energy meditations, breathing techniques and travelling through the world of the Five Elements.

Certified Training: “Qigong – Life Force Dynamic” aims to serve the exploration of the whole being and eternal and life long personal development and self knowledge. This system restructures patterns in tissues that are created and support our physical body, balance and support our subtle energy body and attune us with the deeper truth and direction of our life potential.

Qigong is an ancient practice that has its rooks in China, India and Western culture. Its name is an invitation to two qualities:

Qi – our Bioenergetic system/life energy Gong – practice, cultivate

Life is a continuum from the moment of our birth to our death. Qigong gives us simple and effective ways of balancing energy and understanding one another until the moment when we leave this life.

Qigong is a prescription for “100 years in health and prosperity”

Energy is the basis of everything in life. When we connect with it and we make energy practices, we renew the connection to the deeper truth about who we are and how we function. Every pathogen and trauma, every breath has its source in energy. So when we level the flow of bioenergy, we harmonise and level our life force, our life becomes more and more sublimated, and we understand better and deeper our way of living it.

Join us and learn to grow through all the levels of LFD Qigong:

  • Experience transformation of your life into a richer, fuller one which enables you to face different life challenges.
  • Learn to replenish the energy you use everyday.
  • Solve “tension residuals” from the body. Concerns ailments and pain which nag you, regardless of what you do
  • Renew and strengthen all the areas of your life.
  • Release deep trauma and old patterns that limit and slow you down.
  • Integrate the Body/Mind/Qi/Emotions/Spirit.
  • Come back to your centre and take root in your life path
  • Release toxic energy stored in fascia and organs, cleanse it and use the extra energy of your own immune system.
  • Reconnect to nature and absorb energy from your environment.

“Qigong – Life Force Dynamics” training was created with those in mind who:

  • search for a deep, pragmatic understanding and integration of Qigong obtained during this professional, certified program to experience personal transformation, healing and development,
  • deal with physical and energetic ailments such as e.g.: joint inflammation or adrenal fatigue and look for possibilities to improve their health in a balanced and integrated way,
  • want to live more efficiently because their life style requires a high level of energy (e.g. people working in business and therapists),
  • have their own spiritual practice and would like to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the world with Qi and Qigong.

During a complete "Life Force Dynamic Qigong" training we discuss the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of Qigong (from the beginner's to the advanced level)
  • Physical Qigong forms
  • Meditations
  • 8 levels of cultivating Qi
  • Daoizm
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Dynamic Qigong
  • Taking care of fascia
  • Breathing exercises
  • Prana healing
  • Exploring the subtle body
  • Emotional release
  • Mindfulness
  • Teoria 5 Theory of Five Elements
  • System of meridians and acupressure
  • Basic knowledge about fascia
  • Qi and Bioenergy
  • Releasing trauma
  • Anatomy of breathing
  • Centring and grounding
  • Psychological protection
  • Caring for oneself and managing oneself
  • Qigong therapeutic techniques
  • Energy healing

Structure of the Qigong Life Force Dynamics training

Program of LFD Qigong consists of 200 hours divided into 4 levels corresponding to 4 levels of advancement. Take care of your life energy on 4 levels:

To receive greater benefits of the training, we recommend participants to enrol to the levels in the sequence and to have levels 1-3 before enrolling to level.

LFD Qigong is a program recognised and accredited by AADP – American Association of Drugless Practitioners (www.aadp.com)
After completing all the levels and fulfilling specific requirements the participant will be able to obtain certification to teach Life Force Dynamic Qigong.

Get to know the teacher of QIGONG

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Simon Calder

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