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Zdjęcie główne artykułu From Heart to Heaven: The Unveiling Power of Prayer

From Heart to Heaven: The Unveiling Power of Prayer

Text from the series “Holistic Healing Chronicles: Nourishing Your Body, Mind, and Soul for Lasting Wellness” by Nisarga Eryk Dobosz.

Greetings to all fellow seekers of healing and self-discovery!


Prayer is an integral part of many people’s lives. It offers a gateway to connect with the divine forces, seek answers, and navigate the challenges life presents. For me, prayer is not merely a means of asking for what is lacking, but a profound act of sending blessings to the divine life force, God, Angels, Creation, and the Universe as an expression of gratitude and appreciation.

Prayer serves as a mirror to our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. When we engage in prayer with love, blessings, and appreciation, the universe reflects these sentiments back to us. It becomes a channel through which we can manifest positivity and abundance in our lives. At the heart of prayer lie qualities such as humbleness, honesty, and trust, which are keys to unlocking its essence.

My personal journey with prayer revolves around my deepest longing for a connection with the divine, both within and outside of myself. Through prayer, I discover the divine essence in others, recognizing their godliness and infinite potential for happiness, health, and abundance. Each day, I find that prayer is essential for reconnecting with my true self, my heart, and my purpose, reminding me why I embarked on the path of the healing arts.
For me, prayer serves as a compass, guiding me toward the light and God, helping me navigate the complexities of life. During my time in Hawaii while learning the art of Lomi Lomi Nui massage, I was introduced to a powerful prayer by the Hawaiian Kahuna, meaning ‘Shaman’. I have incorporated this prayer into my daily life and professional practice, using it as a tool to connect with the divine and ensure that my higher self guides me to provide the best possible service to others. This Hawaiian prayer goes as follows:

“Listen, divine ancestors and higher self,
Gods, Masters, and Shamans,
come with love and strength,
come immediately,
give blessings of love, freedom, and peace,
with strength and wisdom.
I bless you and send my greetings.”

These words encapsulate the essence of prayer, reminding us of the importance of love, strength, and blessings in our lives. Through this prayer, we invite the divine into our hearts, not just to receive but to give and appreciate the beauty and abundance that surrounds us.
Prayer is a powerful force. It transcends religious and spiritual boundaries. It is a universal tool for finding solace, guidance, and connection with the divine, both within ourselves and in the world around us. It is a reminder that, in our quest for a meaningful and purposeful life, the act of prayer can serve as a constant companion, guiding us toward the light and the limitless potential that resides within and beyond.


With heartfelt compassion and dedication,

Nisarga Eryk Dobosz


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Nisarga Eryk Dobosz – founder of the Integral Body Institute. He has been practicing bodywork, breathwork, meditation and tantra for over 20 years. He is a bodywork and breathwork therapist, specialising in Myofascial Energetic Release, Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release and deep tissue work. An experienced teacher of Lomi Lomi Nui massage and Tantra.


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