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Life-Force Dynamics Qigong

Module 2 "5 Elements Qigong"

Training can begin from any module 1, 2 or 3. For full benefit of Life-Force Qigong, it is recommended that modules 1 – 3 are studied in sequence.

On this level you will deepen your understanding of Qigong based on the system of Five Elements, organs and meridians. Lectures will give you a detailed knowledge of each meridian and organ, their properties and their influence. This is deeply in the organs where we store most of toxins and old traumas. Thanks to Qigong we can cleanse the body from toxic Qi, strengthen the immune system and ensure a stronger body in old age.
Bone marrow is the deepest foundation of the structure of your body, and it produces immunity cells and gives you strength. Thanks to Qigong of the bone marrow you will learn to direct the “cultivated” energy of Qi to the most inner part of the bone and surround bones t on the outside.

We broaden all the practices of level 1 to create specific qualities in your Qi energy body. You will strengthen properties of each of Five Elements of the body through meditation, visualisation, understanding diets and how to cleanse and free old Qi before you introduce fresh, new Qi into circulation. Then you will “circulate” Qi in meridians, creating fluid and balanced flow.

You will understand how the Five Elements create the body and how to balance the surplus and deficit. In Qigong we focus spiritually on balancing the system of Five Elements. When you achieve it, you will also experience balance and good focus in life.


Qigong of Five Elements includes:

  • Loosen and activate
  • Flush and cleanse
  • Circulate and direct
  • Enhance and energise
  • Integrate and regulate

Qigong Practices:

  • Practice of Five Elements of Qigong – Forms of Five Elements of Qigong, 25 movements integrating Five Elements.
  • Taking care of the Middle Dantien
  • Qigong of the bone marrow – sending Qi directly to the bone marrow and bones, strengthening bones and immunity system.
  • Exercise First of the Five Elements – creating strength to fight and personal power – strengthening all Five Elements with the help of sudden, strong movements.
  • Filling up with Qi – energising body tissues and saturating them with Qi energy.
  • Electric and magnetic lines – energy strengthening of all exercises.
  • Standing according to the Five Elements – understanding and cultivating the Five Elements in stationary positions.
  • Breathing and reacting to stress according to the Five Elements – learning the Five Elements in the qualities of breathing and a typical reaction of each of the elements to stress.
  • Absorbing Qi from nature – direct joining and deriving life energy from Qi of plants, trees and other natural resources.
  • Qigong of meridians – learning to “circulate” Qi in the whole system of meridians.
  • Breathing Kriya of Qigong – analysis of four parts of breath, exploring and cultivating each area to deepen your understanding of breathing.
  • 6 directions of centering – deep centering in one’s own personal axis.
  • Emotional cleansing – liberating deep and toxic emotional patterns.


  • The System of the Five Elements – especially the overview of the System of the Five Elements and learning how to use Qigong in practice.
  • Psychology of the Five Elements – how to use the system of the Five Elements to balance the psyche.
  • 24-hour Qi clock – understanding the rhythms of Qi flow and learning to balance them
  • Meridians and organs – learning about each meridian and the organ connected to it.
  • Connections between organs – understanding the whole system of organs and connections between them.
  • The Diet of the Five Elements – understanding five tastes and their impact to the organs as well as knowledge how to impact them with appropriate diet.
  • Understanding and balancing one own’s Qi – how to use whole knowledge obtained so far to explore and balance Qi fields



  • Meditation of Five Elements – meditation and cultivating properties of each of the elements


Start Date: 18 October 2021 at 7pm
Finish Date: 24 October 2021 at 2pm

7.30-9.30am Practice
10.30-1pm Lecture
3-6pm Practice/Lecture
7.30-8.30pm – Self Practice

Pałac Nieznanice, http://www.nieznanice.pl
ul. Sobieskiego 22A, Nieznanice, 42-270 Kłomnice

Total Price Accommodation (twin bedroom) & Food (3 vegetarian meals daily) for 6 days per person: PLN 1000

  • Date:

    18 October - 24 October 2021

  • Location:


  • Price:

    840 EUR

    Advance payment: 200 EUR

    • In case of cancellation up to 21 days before the training, the advance payment is fully refundable.
    • In case of cancellation less than 21 days before the training, we refund the advance payment minus the amount of the administration fee (100EUR).
  • Teacher :

    Simon Calder