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Module “ORIGINAL FACE”: Releasing and Balancing the Face, Cranium, Neck, Breath and Arms



  • Learn about spatial relationships of the segments of the torso (spatial medicine).
  • Treatment of the fascial network of the breathing structures.
  • Learn four soft listening techniques for breath release.
  • Learn how to treat shock and trauma of the breathing structures.
  • Learn a comprehensive treatment plan for neck, elbow, shoulder, wrist and hand pain.
  • Learn to work with the face and head. Incorporating a treatment plan for headaches and jaw pain.
  • Learn the functional anatomy of the  myofascial system of the breath , arms, face and cranium.
  • Learn to treat the liver, lungs and stomach. Learn about the motility and mobility of the viscera.
  • Learn to work effectively with Frozen Shoulder, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome,  TMJ (jaw pain) and headaches.

Many upper body conditions stubbornly persist despite conventional bodywork techniques. In Module IV  you  will learn a comprehensive methodology to work with the neck, breath, arms and face. You will be introduced to  the psychology of these areas and how to work with and catalyse the body’s natural trauma releasing abilities using breath-work. A  5 point understanding of working with the autonomic nervous system and emotional release will also be taught.

You will skillfully master  how to educate clients about the psychosomatic sources of pain and how to work with the most common pain syndromes of the upper body.

Module  IV  will include a review of rotator cuff anatomy, palpation of the rotator cuff muscles and related structures.

The chest and diaphragm are often overlooked as primary contributors to back and shoulder issues. As the source of our breath and our taking in of life, these core muscles are often tight, constricting breathing, energy flow, and movement.

We learn and review simple but powerful methods to release the diaphragm, sternum, and ribcage, creating a noticeable opening right away, and helping  clients to breathe twice as deeply with half the effort.

You will receive techniques to release the muscles and  fascia of the hands, thumbs and forearms to increase mobility in the corresponding joints  and releasing the forearm muscles to effectively liberate the shoulder.




Start Date: December 8, 2023 at 7pm
Finish Date: December 14, 2023 at 3pm

First day – Opening ceremony and Dinner at 19:00 – 22.00
Morning Meditation 8:00 – 9.00
Breakfast 9:00. – 10:00
Morning Session 10:00 – 13:00
Lunch 13:00 – 14.30
Afternoon Session 14.30 – 18.00
Dinner 18.00-19.30
Night sessions 19.30- 21.30 there will be 3 night sessions during each seminar
Last day – morning session. Closing ceremony & graduation 13.00-14.30pm

Kików 91a, Solec Zdrój, 28-131, Poland (2h drive North from Cracow Airport or 4h drive South from Warsaw Airport)
Our MER Training venue in Kikow, Poland is located 2 hours’ drive from Krakow in the heart of the beautiful Polish countryside, with stunning sunset views from our group room at all times of the year. Accommodation is shared between 2-5 persons per room, each with their own bathroom; a dorm option with shared bathrooms is also available. We enjoy 3 healthy home-made vegetarian meals per day, plenty of fruits, cakes and tea/coffee all day.

Total Price Accommodation & Food (3 vegetarian meals daily):

  • 300 EUR – twin bedroom
  • 285 EUR – 3 or 5 person bedroom
  • 270 EUR – in dormitory with a bathroom in the corridor

The cost of accommodation may change slightly depending on the PLN/EUR exchange rate.

  • Date:

    08 December - 14 December 2023

  • Location:


  • Price:

    950 EUR (new price)

    Advance payment: 200 EUR

    • In case of cancellation up to 21 days before the training, the advance payment is fully refundable.
    • In case of cancellation less than 21 days before the training, we refund the advance payment minus the amount of the administration fee (100EUR).
  • Teacher :

    Satyarthi Peloquin