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The condition for participation in the training is a negative rapid antigen test result. The test (based on a nasal swab) will be done at the expense of the Integral Body Institute upon arrival at the training centre in Kików. We also advise you to get another test before your arrival to make sure you are arriving healthy.

This is an additional/optional module of the MER training in which everyone can take part  – both those who take the 5-module training course, massage therapists and practitioners of other modalities as well as those who have never had anything to do with bodywork.

During this course you will learn the concept of the Fluid Body and how important is interaction with it. You will recognise its self-regulating and self-organising functions.

The Fluid Body is a link connecting the physical and energy bodies. In a simple and logical way you will discover the bodywork, especially working with the fascia, that connects to working on the energy body.



During the workshop we will be exploring such areas as:

  • systemic approach to mobilising all main joints of the body
  • ways of perfecting touch and connecting it to energy techniques in connection to psychological and emotional problems
  • developing current skills and compassionate presence during sessions in connection to psychological and emotional problems
  • including breath work in the MER session
  • perfecting intuition to feel the client better
  • learning about the psychosomatic types defined by Wilhelm Reich – body reading, recognising five psychophysical types and best methods of working with each of them
  • caring for the most important qualities of the MER therapist: gentleness, mindfulness and groundedness in oneself.
    working with “unwinding” (spontaneous and also fully conscious with the client’s stretching movement during the session)
  • leading to Somatic Emotional Release. Fluid integration of “unwinding” in the breath work, emotional awareness and relaxation
  • broadening the scope of your skills by developing different qualities of touch, needed for the skilful exploration of the condition of fascia
  • perfecting the perceptual qualities in order to be able to evaluate what type of touch will facilitate recovery of the higher level of functionality and integration
  • effective, deeper and more efficient work with less effort
  • complex relaxation of dysfunctional and disorganised tissues: all the layers of fascia, bones and ligaments
  • mobilising natural resources of the body to heal the disrupted tissues to make the fascia interventions more thorough, and their longterm effects



After completing the module you will be able to conduct the full MER session devoted to the chest and diaphragm. You will know how to support a client’s free and deepened breathing and how to work with blocked emotions in those areas. You will gain familiarity with techniques in relaxing of the breathing muscles and you will be able to effectively help clients with pain in the area caused by the tissue tension.


Start Date: 24 February 2022 at 7pm
Finish Date: 2 March 2022 at 3pm

First day – Opening ceremony and Dinner at 19:00 – 22.00
Morning Meditation 8:00 – 9.00
Breakfast 9:00. – 10:00
Morning Session 10:00 – 13:00
Lunch 13:00 – 14.30
Afternoon Session 14.30 – 18.00
Dinner 18.00-19.30
Night sessions 19.30- 21.30 there will be 3 night sessions during each seminar
Last day – morning session. Closing ceremony & graduation 13.00-14.30pm

Kików 91a, Solec Zdrój, 28-131, Poland (2h drive North from Cracow Airport or 4h drive South from Warsaw Airport)
Our MER Training venue in Kikow, Poland is located 2 hours’ drive from Krakow in the heart of the beautiful Polish countryside, with stunning sunset views from our group room at all times of the year. Accommodation is shared between 2-5 persons per room, each with their own bathroom; a dorm option with shared bathrooms is also available. We enjoy 3 healthy home-made vegetarian meals per day, plenty of fruits, cakes and tea/coffee all day.

Total Price Accommodation & Food (3 vegetarian meals daily):

  • 245 EUR – twin bedroom
  • 230 EUR – 3 or 5 person bedroom
  • 220 EUR – in dormitory with a bathroom in the corridor

The cost of accommodation may change slightly depending on the PLN/EUR exchange rate.

  • Date:

    24 February - 02 March 2022

  • Location:


  • Price:

    950 EUR (new price)

    Advance payment: 200 EUR

    • In case of cancellation up to 21 days before the training, the advance payment is fully refundable.
    • In case of cancellation less than 21 days before the training, we refund the advance payment minus the amount of the administration fee (100EUR).
  • Teacher :

    Satyarthi Peloquin