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Masculine Mastery

Masculine Mastery: A Transformative 4-Day Workshop with Giten Tonkov and Nisarga Dobosz

Workshop Details

A Journey into Felt Sense 

Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment in the “Masculine Mastery” workshop – a transformative 4-day experience designed to unlock the true potential of your masculinity. This immersive workshop combines dynamic tools such as Biodynamic Breathwork, movement, touch, and healing practices to expose and cultivate essential male qualities.


SIGN UP HERE: https://biodynamicbreath.com/apply-masculine-mastery/

Key Highlights:

Healthy Competition and Self-Worth: Engage in activities and discussions to channel your competitive spirit positively while exploring and enhancing your sense of self-worth. Learn the art of healthy competition and build a strong foundation of confidence.

Leadership and Relationship Dynamics: Develop leadership skills and the ability to take charge in relationships. Gain insights into fostering meaningful connections with others while navigating life with authenticity and integrity.

Emotional Intelligence and Expression: Challenge societal norms around emotional expression. Become comfortable experiencing and expressing the full spectrum of emotions, equipping yourself with effective communication tools.

Biodynamic Breathwork and Healing Practices: Utilize the transformative power of Biodynamic Breathwork to release physical and emotional tension. Explore healing practices to uncover and address early childhood wounds, fostering resilience and a renewed sense of purpose.

Movement, Touch, and Body Connection: Engage in movement practices that reconnect you with your body’s innate strength. Explore the significance of touch as a means of connection, healing, and self-discovery in the context of masculine energy.

Healing Masculine Wounds: Uncover and heal early childhood wounds from your father and mother, fostering a deep understanding of their impact on your masculine identity. Through gentle exercises, this healing journey encourages compassionate self-exploration, promoting authentic masculinity.

Men’s Work Philosophy: Embrace the choice to reclaim your individual masculinity within the supportive environment of a men’s group. This workshop provides a space to drop your ‘social mask,’ get real, and connect with fellow seekers on a sincere path towards discovering, healing, and integrating their masculine energies.


Join us on this holistic journey of Masculine Mastery, where you will emerge with a renewed sense of purpose, confidence, and harmonious relationships with yourself and others. This is your opportunity to step into the light of awareness as a man amongst men, establishing a profound connection with your authentic self.

SIGN UP HERE: https://biodynamicbreath.com/apply-masculine-mastery/


September 10-13, 2024

The Buddha Field of Osho Afroz Meditation Center provides a very special support system for our training. Daily mediation schedule as well as evening events, beaches and amazing healthy authentic Greek food nourish our body and soul. These elements create a beautiful container for growth and learning.

Visit https://www.oshoafroz.com for more information about the amazing venue and all it offers.