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Bodywork Techniques for BBTRS – The Seven Belts of Tension

Webinar Recording – 1.5 hours long

Price: $36

This breathwork bodywork & anatomy webinar is an overview of the basic bodywork techniques that every BBTRS practitioner should know in order to work safely and effectively with clients.

A bodywork & anatomy webinar for breathwork practitioners

The webinar is presented by Nisarga Eryk Dobosz

This breathwork bodywork webinar is specifically designed for breathwork practitioners to guide the use of touch and bodywork in breath sessions. One of the six key elements of BBTRS is TOUCH. Touch can be used in many different ways: for the purpose of resourcing; activating the parasympathetic rest and digest response, activation of the sympathetic nervous system for flight or fight and also myofascial bodywork for structural alignment. The energetic residues of our traumatic events, experiences, emotions or accidents are stored in the soft tissue in the fascial network of our bodies. Skilful use of bodywork along with conscious breathing can tremendously support clients in trauma resolution. The contents of this webinar cover strokes and bodywork techniques for all seven major belts of tension as well as the necessary anatomical, structural and physiological knowledge to apply them safely and with confidence. The recording of this webinar is 1.5 hours in total. It is part of the required Curriculum for the BBTRS practitioner certification program and the information covered will also benefit massage therapists, yoga teachers, and others in the healing professions.

Topics covered in this bodywork & breathwork webinar
1. Use of different types of touch in BBTRS sessions
2. Four stages of conscious touch
3. Explanation of the Fascial network
4. The importance of the Iliopsoas muscle and its relationship to trauma
5. Bodywork & Anatomy for:

  • Ocular belt
  • Cervical and Oral belt
  • Thoracic belt, including shoulder, arms and hands
  • Diaphragmatic and Abdominal belt
  • Pelvic belt, including legs and feet.

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