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Anatomy & Physiology for Breathwork Practitioners

2 x 90 minutes
Webinar in English.

Price: $40

This 2 part webinar is specially designed for breathwork practitioners to address the important anatomical, physiological, and safety issues involved in working with clients.

Webinar recommended for:

  • BBTRS training participants – it is part of the required curriculum for BBTR certification
  • massage therapist
  • yoga teachers
  • others in the healing professions.

Topics covered in this webinar are:

  • Anatomy & physiology of the pulmonary system
  • Hypoventilation and hyperventilation, and what is different about breathwork
  • Muscular, emotional and energetic anatomy of the 7 “Belts of Tension”
  • Autonomic nervous system from a trauma perspective.
  • The importance of the psoas muscle and its relationship to trauma.
  • The fascia network.
  • Conditions pertinent to safety, eg. contraindications, heart conditions, etc.

You get:

  • Video material – 2 parts
  • PDF copy of the slides used in the webinar
  • short quiz that all BBTRS students need to complete in order to receive credit towards their certification.

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